We all love Penneys!

So a few weeks ago TV3’s The apprentice was filming in store. This store is Penneys or to some in Europe it is known as Primark. To those who don’t know what Penneys/Primark is, it is a giant discount clothing retailer that was established in 1969 in Dublin Ireland. I myself work in the very first store. Penneys is not known for their advertising. They don’t need to spend millions on it as they are such a well known retailer. They had a Christmas advert which had the slogan “Penneys do a whole lot of things for Christmas” and they occasionally publish newspaper ads but they do not spend millions on television adverts.

So here’s the part I found interesting. With TV3 filming in store, obviously our bosses want our best standards shown, for all staff to look their best incase we are shown on film. There was a trick to this though. The store I work in was recently renovated and is a modernised Penneys. So the appearance is not what people remember in Ireland, as all the shops did look the same at one point. So the staff have been asked to wear t-shirts that say ” I ❤ Penneys Mary street.” Whether this is on purpose as product placement for the company or whether they just want to show their staff being proud to work in this company I think it is very clever and free advertisement for a specific store of a specific company.

It was safe to say we all felt like idiots wearing the t-shirts.

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Courtney x