Secret Advertising Presents: The Internship


Secret Advertising_in_Movies_The_Internship

Product Placement has become almost as natural as the adverts on TV and it funds our favorite shows and channels. With blockbusters costing more and more to “block bust” you would expect it to a cost a large amount to fund it, just look at IronMan. But this latest movie featuring Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson and It’s redundant plot of two old unsuited applicants going out for Internship because they lost their jobs is pushing the boarders of product placement for funding and Full Length Propaganda Film.

The Unlikely pair play top sales men who are so desperate for work and are computer illiterate so they turn to the all mightly google to find new jobs. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think


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Why use product placement in the first place????



It’s assumed movies use product placement for companies to promote their product, but it’s a two way street. A simple example is the transformers trilogy. Its generally seen as the movie with the largest amount of product placement in history, the video i put up shows relentless product placement. Instead of the companies going to the studios asking can they advertise within their movie, it was the other way round,with director Michael Bay actually promising to direct 5 commercials for General Motors if they allowed the use of cars that were not even released. It also helps production companies keep their costs down. In regards to the Studios and Production Companies, it offsets production costs. Products and / or services are provided free of charge to the Studios and Production Companies. The Departments of props, set decorations, wardrobe and transportation can save a sizeable amount of money by using product placement.Placement agencies. If there were no placement agencies, these departments would be forced to buy or rent these items. Therefore we see the reason behind product placement.


My Big fat Greek Wedding


Don’t ask how or why I was forced to watch this Independantly made RomCom but what is relevant are two major facts about this film is: from a Budget of $6 Million it made Revenue of over $241 Million Domestically but never actually made it to the Number one on the Movie Charts. And Secondly that the Product Placement in this Movie is only just below Waynes World as far as Subtle goes.

For those of you unfamiliar with the film, It’s your Typical Chick flick where the Main Girl is getting on and her Family is waiting for her to meet a nice Greek boy and settle down but of  Course when she does meet someone, He’s not Greek. (Shock-Horror)

ImageThis is her Father, his answer for all of Lifes Problems is to spray Windex on it. Perhaps not the healthiest thing in the world to  spray window cleaner on your Face. but apparently it works for getting rid of Zits? He suggests this unconventional solution a good ten times or so which would leave me to believe they may have paid for this placement….