Product Placement/Brand Placement/ Brand Integration

Think about what we do when an ad comes on telly, you skip past it, watching online – adblocker. We don’t need to look at ads any more, so you’d think, but product placement or as they like to call it now “brand Integration” is the future of advertising. The industry itself is thriving and brand integration is now a billion dollar industry on its own. Although the concept dates back to Marx Brothers days, the industry is growing as never before. Traditional advertising, such as slots prior to a film, are considered less targeted and by their direct nature, less likely to persuade an audience to purchase the product. It’s actually us as advertisers that are trying to get rid of the term product placement, we’re trying to move it to brand integration, which if you think about it, makes the product more important and seem more central to the film. Chantal Rickards, head of programming and branded content at advertising agency MEC points to why the rise in brand integration. “When people are enjoying themselves, they are much more receptive to commercial advertising, provided that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the entertainment.” Stacy Jones, CEO of the entertainment marketing agency adds that product placement could positively affect a brand’s search engine marketing if the brand develops a program promoting its integration, such as through banner ads, digital ads, and key search terms. So basically with movies like James Bond, Transformers Spiderman and for products like Coca Cola, Apple or Nike, integrating a product or brand now seems like the new avenue forward. As Fergus said earlier, think of the Simpsons, where Mr Burns turns straight to the camera and tells people how Rupert Murdoch, head  of Fox, is a “beautiful man” not a movie, but still classic.