Reverse product placement? whats that?

If you are a frequent reader of our little blog here then i am sure you are well versed in the art of product placement! But what exactly is reverse product placement? Reverse product placement occurs when a company starts creating products in real life to match those seen in a fictional setting.This has happened in movies and TV series alike. The way it works is that a fictional product created for a movie or television series gains such popularity, that a company sees an opening to exploit this product and make it in real life. there a few obvious and not so obvious examples today. One of the most famous examples of reverse product placement comes from the much loved movie Forrest Gump, in the film Forrest and his friend bubba dream of setting up a shrimp company together and wouldn’t you know someone saw this as an opportunity
to set up a chain of restaurants and name them after the lovable duos dream, here you can see one of their viral ads!

Another example of this phenomenon is from the movie ”Drive” Ryan gosling plays a super cool yet misunderstood driver who by day is a stunt man but by night is a getaway driver for hire! in this movie Gosling sports a super cool scorpion jacket, this movie recieved such a cult following that a clothing company decided to replicate the jacket and sell it online, heres where you can actually buy it”>”Goslings Jacket”. As a movie by itself i highly recomend giving it a watch!

But this reverse product placement has worked in telivision as well, examples include the much loved television series the office (the american version), the creators of the show struck a deal with office supplies company staples to sell Dunder-mifflin branded paper! Last but definitely not least is one of my favorites from the Simpsons. Homers beer of choice ”Duff” has become a real beer that you can purchase in selected off-licences, and yes i have tried and its not bad, it has more of a novelty quality to it but hey its drinkable! so next time you see a product in a movie or tv series you like, keep an eye out it might just be on your shelves!

Fergus Finlay O’ Donnell