We all love Penneys!

So a few weeks ago TV3’s The apprentice was filming in store. This store is Penneys or to some in Europe it is known as Primark. To those who don’t know what Penneys/Primark is, it is a giant discount clothing retailer that was established in 1969 in Dublin Ireland. I myself work in the very first store. Penneys is not known for their advertising. They don’t need to spend millions on it as they are such a well known retailer. They had a Christmas advert which had the slogan “Penneys do a whole lot of things for Christmas” and they occasionally publish newspaper ads but they do not spend millions on television adverts.

So here’s the part I found interesting. With TV3 filming in store, obviously our bosses want our best standards shown, for all staff to look their best incase we are shown on film. There was a trick to this though. The store I work in was recently renovated and is a modernised Penneys. So the appearance is not what people remember in Ireland, as all the shops did look the same at one point. So the staff have been asked to wear t-shirts that say ” I ❤ Penneys Mary street.” Whether this is on purpose as product placement for the company or whether they just want to show their staff being proud to work in this company I think it is very clever and free advertisement for a specific store of a specific company.

It was safe to say we all felt like idiots wearing the t-shirts.

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I am IRON MAN… dududu du dudu… IRON MAN 3

Watch out for spoilers! Not really any, but some people just don’t like to know anything.

So Iron Man 3, what can I say? All I did during the film was watch out for product placement. This is mainly due to the fact my eyes were glued to the screen watching Robert Downy Jnr do his thing and obviously he was around for nearly all the product placement. So it was a win-win for me. With my fellow blogger Presch we listed all the brand integration done by companies in Iron Man 3. Here they are..




Honestly if Audi wasn’t in Iron Man would it really be Iron Man?? If anything Audi is just comparing their car ranges to Iron Man saying that they are all technically adept, smart, sleek, sexy, built for wear, well-controlled with precision engineering, and of course shiny. They may as well of just made an advert saying

“its automatic.. Systematic.. wwhhhhhyyyy its Audi S5.”

Obviously there is a clear reason why Audi is in the third IronMan.

When Tony Stark is without his suit he relies on his Audi, this being that it is the choice of a billionaire genius superhero whose smart and successful. The movie is just reinforcing everything Audi wants you to think about there products.


Oracle & Sun

Now, I don’t know much about this brand, I can’t say it has appeared in my life other than in IronMan. They used this as a great platform in showing that a technical genius uses their servers and systems. In the film he uses the Oracle cloud to upload store information and relies on it. Therefore, showing that someone so intelligent and so well known for his abilities in the technological world uses this brand.

The business themselves are very supportive they even have part of there website showing support and advertising for Iron Man 3 with the trailer


Dora the Explorer

In the film we see a piece of Dora merchandise appear. Random is I guess it’s a great way for them to say “hey look we do other products other than the TV. show.” I get the feeling that it was purposely put in the film as they could of used any generic little girls watch but instead they used Dora and it was shown repeatedly.Secret_advertising_product_placement_in_movies_iron_man_3__dora_the_explorer_limited_edition_watch

There are also a few more things that are mentioned more than once in the film but are quite blatant. Downton Abbey PBS is mentioned straight out by Tony Stark so this has just advertised a programme to millions in the audience. How to grow your ratings eh? There’s also a quick look at a fertiliser in the movie, I won’t mention names but ill let this one become a game.

can you spot the 30 seconds of this brands product placement within Iron Man 3.

Oh and how could I forget


Once again Budweiser has made its way on to our big screens to advertise their wonderful brand. From the simple “bud light” sign in and outside the bar to the actors actually holding the can or bottle themselves they always seem to invest in the films. Ah Budweiser it’s not a film of the 21st century without you. If you’ve seen the film you may have noticed it yourself, if you haven’t seen the film, you’ll definitely notice it now. You cannot miss it! Seriously though Budweiser are great at product placement and use the biggest and best movies and televisions shows and Iron Man is definitely one of these bests. Well done Budweiser.


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Product Placement/Brand Placement/ Brand Integration

Think about what we do when an ad comes on telly, you skip past it, watching online – adblocker. We don’t need to look at ads any more, so you’d think, but product placement or as they like to call it now “brand Integration” is the future of advertising. The industry itself is thriving and brand integration is now a billion dollar industry on its own. Although the concept dates back to Marx Brothers days, the industry is growing as never before. Traditional advertising, such as slots prior to a film, are considered less targeted and by their direct nature, less likely to persuade an audience to purchase the product. It’s actually us as advertisers that are trying to get rid of the term product placement, we’re trying to move it to brand integration, which if you think about it, makes the product more important and seem more central to the film. Chantal Rickards, head of programming and branded content at advertising agency MEC points to why the rise in brand integration. “When people are enjoying themselves, they are much more receptive to commercial advertising, provided that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the entertainment.” Stacy Jones, CEO of the entertainment marketing agency adds that product placement could positively affect a brand’s search engine marketing if the brand develops a program promoting its integration, such as through banner ads, digital ads, and key search terms. So basically with movies like James Bond, Transformers Spiderman and for products like Coca Cola, Apple or Nike, integrating a product or brand now seems like the new avenue forward. As Fergus said earlier, think of the Simpsons, where Mr Burns turns straight to the camera and tells people how Rupert Murdoch, head  of Fox, is a “beautiful man” not a movie, but still classic.